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  • Mood: Regretful
Yes of course I have. 

I think I own my active watchers an apology about unannounced art hiatus due to my cocktail of lazyness/no motivation/inspiration and realizing some stuff.

Yes, I am in fact truly feeling bad for taking such a stupid break for literally planning about the lousy comic which is basically pointless. The story has some plot holes, a mountain of stupidity and stupid logic and terribly underdeveloped characters. This is no supposed to be a burden since I have to focus on school, socializing and improving my art. I am bursting with ideas but a realization hit me of how my free time went just wasted- swept with a time broom into a trash bin of wasted and stolen time. It was pointless as a project but a nice practice.
I have decided to draw what I feel like drawing which certainly will be half planned. 
My fear is my ideas taken without any credit so I will not spoil anything on the internet. 

Moreover, I quit my roleplay and comic blog on tumblr. I'm thinking about quitting tumblr as well. Tumblr isn't strictly an art site unlike deviantART. 
I'm also thinking about quitting roleplaying. I have an unfinished roleplay with my friend Amu but it's an exception. Something which truly helped to fill the plot hole with an accurate and logical scenario. 

I'm hoping to become more productive these days. I also must dedicate my running time to studying school subjects again. It's interesting, you know? Learning things can be fun in your free time, especially for general knowledge, culture and for your own personal benefits. I've seen a lot of arguments on the internet lately. Most of the subjects are something people should not even bother wasting their time in arguing over such insignificant matters it's so ridiculously childish. 

From now on, expect some spontaneous art in the future. Big thanks to anyone who dedicated their time to me this summer school break.

(P.S.- :iconpatrickderpplz: HB-Olovka JAAAAVI SEEEEE.)

I am sorry. 

But to anyone who :+fav:ed my work, left a comment, gave badges, talked to me; thank you.

-proceeds to go hide under the blankets and dream-


Just heard 3 muffled explosions near my home.My windows shook.Is it a buiding,is it something unidentified?We shall never know.
-has exams in three days in a row-
-has tons of homework-
-people keep turning feminine men into a joke-
-terrorists being butthurt and destroying evidence of any culture older than their-
-dudes playing shitty Croatian rap in class at 8 AM-
-didn't have time to make an account on Flight Rising-
-Someone tells me to calm down-
No,I surely am foaming for absolutely no reason,mhm.
I suppose I shall wish you a Happeh Mother's Day.
DUNUNUNUN- Olovka gleda kako crtam uživo (znači na mojem ekranu)
You people realize that MBTI type is inaccurate and outdated as crap?It says nothing about you at all.
Not all paedophiles are child molesters but all child molesters are paedophiles.PLZ learn the difference,peeps.
Am I the only person on this planet of this decade who doesn't play baseball and wears baseball cap CORRECTLY to block UV exposure?:yuno: 
Holy cow,my page will soon almost have 21000 pageviews.:icontardboogieplz: Zahvaljujem! :heart: 
P.S.-Most people in real life don't know that I love wrestLing and cuddLing.Combining these two makes me sing like a uncommon blackbird. ÷]
Raise your peace sign if you like healthy food more than junk food,avoid getting drunk and smoking.
*breaks the table in two by head slamming into it REALLY hard*
UgRgRGHGGRRH FRIKKIN EXAMS will make me one day to buy a dummy which I will use as my own personal punching bag.
I remember a scarring scene. It happened when I was nine years old. It happened on the opposite side of longer bridge of concrete football playfield, near the cheap park I used to play in all the time (when the bullies didn't hang out in there). A man was taking his dog for a walk while he was leading his bicycle. Until he unleashed it and just drove off, never to be seen ever again. It walked down on the field and curled up into a shaking little furry brown ball of agony. I was feeling so useless with a mixture of rage and sadness because I couldn't do anything to help that dog. It was a sunny day of late Spring and it was playtime. The point of sharing this story od mine no one cares about? Don't have pets if you cannot or,hell,don't want to take care about them.
Some dumbasses from my class are so immature they've said that the beheaded little girl I accidently saw on tumblr is a clip I watched from random porn tape on PornHub.This is why we can't have nice things.(How the fuck is that funny anyways?)
Svaki put kad čujem ili vidim tinejđerske Hrvatice kako govore na Engleskome,a nije zbog vježbe ili koristi nego iz čiste dosade ili žele biti kul,dođe mi da ih lansiram u drugu galaksiju jer mi se diže kosa na pomisao da im je draže govoriti na stranom jeziku nego na materinjem jeziku.
I'm strong enough to be alone,are you?
Turbo zgodnome tipu iz mojeg razreda je griva tako narasla da mora nositi špangice i gumice za kosu.Baš je šećerko iako glumi frajera (fuckboya).
Kris je tako kawaii sa mainstream crvenom kosom.Možda bih ja mogla svoju obojiti ljubičastom.
I'm actually a gender-equality supporter.Because,no matter who you are,you can be an arsehole unconditionally.


Artist | Varied

My name is Maggie and my spirit animal is a naked mole rat.If it doesn't have onions,it's not good.

I'm a chick of diversity; I cannot repeat same stuff over and over so you'll see different things in my gallery every time I upload something new. Monotony just worsens my soul because it's monotone enough for itself so I have to exercise and enjoy all colours of spectrum and let them brighten the contrast of my vision. My vision kind of sucks by the way so if I ever meet you in real life, do not stand too close too me for I am far sighted and I cannot see things close well and not knowing what's in my face unnerves me. A lot.

However, there is a way to befriend an individual like me and I have some tips for you before you take action:

1. Never take me for granted.
2. Do not ever lie about me or to me.
3. Do not use my artwork without my permission and be a dick about it if I ask you to remove it.
4. Being a troll is low.
5. Do not force me to reply to you, I can easily get overwhelmed by inbox bombing. *kašljHBprestani*
6. Note that I cannot support people who are taking away the rights from other.(Inb4,if support the right wing party,I will automatically blacklist you.)

By the way,I'm a spesheizin snoweflaken ~liberal democrat~.

:icon123patates:Croatian Language level: Expert by gaaradesert6(expert when I'm not lazy at all.)
I live in Republic of Croatia,a little Slavic country in the Eastern Europe and time zones are a bitch.

Other languages I'm familiar with:BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designItalian Language Level: Beginner by JMCV29Spanish lang by Faeth-design

Also,these are my friends on dA,CHECK THEIR ART PLS,kthnxbai.


Now for the others~(In no order)

:heart:I like:heart::Humour, optimism, freedom, liberty, talking to good people, diversity, cuddling, being dumb, art in general, disturbing images, juicy internet fights, my friends, Sonic franchise, CreepyPasta, comics, irony (as a humor), most music, food, juices, roleplayin', surreal art, funny videos, my puppy, a lil' bit of my family, sci-fi, aliens, robots, monsters, alternative music, trillers, documentaries, different cultures, sexy buff people (gender doesn't matter lol), good alcohol, mind twisters,

:fuzzydemon:I dislike:fuzzydemon::...-boos, most Anime and Manga, plagiarism, crappy art(bases, memes(THEY AREN'T EVEN ART.), pathetic literature.), spam, assholes, ...-phobes (xeno, homo, trans and similar), meaninglessness, people replying to my comments old 9 months or older (SERIOUSLY,Y R U DOIN' DAT,I MATURED UP STOP TELLING ME THINGS I KNOW ALREADY.), fangirling, bishies, lolicon and shotacon (toddlercon included), zoophilia, brats,right wing party,people who aren't that good and get more attention than artist better x1000 times, most of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and etc, etc lots of stuff...

If somebody steals my art,just send the thief these links.

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?


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Hellow there random deviant. :) *clicked the random deviant button* Just want to spread the love. :)

You are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say. <3

Have a hug too. :hug:
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And have a nice day/evening/night. :3

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Oh my God, thank you for everything!!! :D
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jesi ziva? 
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